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Get this premium responsive Magento theme

Milano is a premium responsive Magento theme which also includes these features:

Quick Install With Demo Products

Milano comes with Quick Install package which will let you to install your own e-commerce store the same way our demo looks in just under 4 minutes. See here how.


Multilanguage and Multistore Ready

Milano is compatible with multilanguage and multistore setups. You can build huge e-commerce setups for multiple markets with it.


Color Swatch / Images for Attributes

This extension lets you easily upload and manage images for "select" type attributes. For example you can use it to create "color swatch" - a visual selector to choose the color of the product. The color swatch will then be displayed on the product page asking the customer to choose the color. This extension is already included in Milano for free.


Pinterest Style Blog

This is another free extension included in Milano. It lets you to create a fully functional Blog inside your magento installation. No WordPress integration or installation nedded. You can manage your blog posts and comments directly from your Magento admin panel so you can also use all the integrations and widgets available in Milano. For example you can include a widget that will show a specific product (for example the one you are reviewing). The blog is in "Pinterest style", which means all the posts are loaded through AJAX on a single page by just scrolling. The blog also includes full integration with the Magento storeview/store/website scopes so you can have different blog content for different languages/countries. The blog also have RSS feed and is fully SEO optimized.


Unlimited Scrolling

Get rid of annoying clicking on "next page". All the products in a category page are loaded via AJAX in single page. Save hundreds of clicks for your customers and increase conversions. This one is a must for every high conversion e-commerce and it also comes for free with Milano.


Countdown Timer

Increase customer conversions by placing a cowntdown timer that shows when a promotional offer will end on the product page. You can customzie the format of the time shown. Really easy to use and also comes for free with Milano


Mosaic View and Single Column View

With Milano you can control the look of every category separately. You can choose to show the left column or to use the whole space to show products. Then, depending on the type of your products you can choose between 3-column 4-column grid or Mosaic view which shows 4 smaller and one double-sized product. 


One Page AJAX Checkout

Milano also includes one page checkout (via AJAX). Your customers will be able to checkout on a single page with minimal hassle. Studies show that the checkout page is the single point with the biggest friction (or where the customers decide to abandon their purchase due to too much hassle) for almost all e-commerce websites. Reduce the friction and increase successfull purchases with the one page checkout.


Customizable Megamenu

There are two types of menu styles in Milano - Standart and Megamenu. The Standart Menu is, as the name shows, standart - it shows categories and subcategories in separate drop-down menu. The Megamenu on the other hand shows all the subcategories in one single big dropdown, including some more content which can be contolled from the backend. You can show banners, text, or thumbnails for the subcategories.


New Products and Sale Products Sliders on Home Page

Show your most attractive products on the homepage. The sliders are also touch-screen compatible and can be "swiped" for scrolling. They also implement dynamic caching which will reduce the server load.


New, Sale and Custom Labels

You can show automatically labels for your new products, the products that have special price, or even put a completely custom label like "Weekend Special" for every product. Use these to identify your most attractive offers.


Brand Logos

Milano includes option to upload a logo image for the brands you are selling. You can show the brands on the homepage and on the product page. You can choose to manage the logo images via the "image swatches" extension or upload them via FTP.


Fully SEO Optimized

Milano is fully SEO optimized, includes extended meta information to help search engines, yet very fast due to improved cahching. 



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